Are You a Railroader?

Looking for information about your relatives who served in the railroad industry? Now you can search for information from your home computer. The Railroaders Memorial Museum’s railroad employee database – previously accessible only in the Museum – is now available on the Internet at www .railroadcity .com.

The database, known as The Call Board, had been available to visitors as part of an exhibit since the new and improved Museum opened its doors in the Master mechanics Building in 1998. However, with additional technological upgrades to the Museum’s web access by way of adding a high-speed line and a new server donated by Altoona resident Donald E. Wissinger and family, the long-time intent to make The Call Board accessible to anyone in the world was accomplished.

Since 1998, when The Call Board was first available at the Museum, approximately 17,000 entries have been made into the database by the process of a visitor submitting a hard- copy document answering specific questions about the particular railroader. Elements of the document include, for example, full name, job(s) held, years of service, railroad company name(s), birth date of railroader, etc. This information was all then entered into the database by an employee or volunteer of the Railroaders Memorial Museum.

But now the process has been made readily available online for those who want to document someone they knew who worked for a U.S. railroading company. Anyone interested can search The Call Board on the Internet. If the railroader is not listed, the researcher can add the listing at his or her own leisure and provide additional information as it is discovered to eventually complete the railroader profile.

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