Archival Research

The Railroaders Memorial Museum’s collection is rich in archival materials, plans, photographs, drawings, personal items, memorabilia, and much more. Curatorial staff and volunteers work diligently to be able to one day provide visitors direct access to the museum’s permanent collection.

At this time, we would be pleased to provide you access to the information in the museum’s collection through our staff research services. Professional collection staff will perform research, subject to curatorial discretion, for a fee of $20/topic ($15/topic for members). All research requests must be submitted via the Archives Research Form. Please note that it may take us up to three weeks to respond to your message.

Intellectual property created, made, or originated by the Railroaders Heritage Corporation shall be the sole and exclusive property of the Railroaders Heritage Corporation, author, or inventor. Persons desiring to use this copyrighted information are urged to seek rights for the institution to use such works for all purposes.

NOTE: All genealogical (wills, deeds, birth and death records, marriage records, etc.) and railroad employment dates inquiries should be directed to the Pennsylvania State Archives.

Download Archive Research Request Form