Things to See and Do

Explore interactive exhibits at the Museum, enjoy a picnic at Horseshoe Curve, stroll the streets
of historic Downtown Altoona, or catch a live show in the Courtyard.

Railroaders Memorial Museum

Explore America’s only interactive Railroaders Museum.  You don’t have to be a rail fan to love this museum.

Horseshoe Curve Pennsylvania Railroad

This engineering marvel, a national historic landmark, is known to rail fans around the world.

Railroaders Museum Projects

Honoring our legacy and preserving our heritage, the restoration of the K4 #1361 and the Harry Bennett Memorial Roundhouse.

Railroader Workers Call Board

Looking for information about your relatives who served in the railroad industry? Search our extensive worker database for information.

Railroaders Museum Photos

Photos from the Altoona Railroaders Memorial Museum, Horseshoe Curve, Concerts, Special Events and More!

Central PA Attractions

While visiting the Railroad City, be sure to check out more local attractions in historic Downtown Altoona and the Central Pennsylvania region.