1902 witnessed inauguration of “BROADWAY” predecessor “PENNSYLVANIA SPECIAL” on a daring 20-hour schedule, cut to 18 hours in 1905 when the speedster was reinstated in historic fashion. Follow her splendid career through the decades as K-4s, GG-1s, T-1s and E-8s headed the New York City – Chicago fleet leader of the Pennsylvania Railroad. By 1967 this last All-Pullman overnighter was combined with the “GENERAL”. Although the “BROADWAY LIMITED” name survived, numbers #28 – 29 were retired along with the distinctive observation cars.

There is good coverage of the often neglected Penn Central years leading to the Amtrak takeover on May 1, 1971 when “BROADWAY” became the sole link between Chicago and East. Ride that first run – as well as the final trip on September 9, 1995 all the way from Chicago. There are many surprises, re-routings, and ignominious slow downs as the end approached! Enjoy nearly a century of one of America’s landmark trains.

100 minutes. Revelation Video.