Triumph IX: Salt Sea to Bays, Valleys, Dells and Firestorms 1827-2009 by Charles S. Roberts

From the gateways of Chicago and St. Louis to the eastern seaports and connecting all the parts north and south, PRR was a transportation colossus without peer in the nation and the world. PRR was a literal empire in every sense of the word and behaved like one, even evolving their own version of the English language. Astride the east-west and north-south routes and awash in vast resources, with population to match, the State and PRR were linked in an iron embrace. Both milked this advantage for all it was worth, and it was worth a lot. This volume takes a detailed look into the New Jersey Shore Lines, Bel-Del, Delmarva Division, Cumberland Valley Rail Road, Bedford Division, and Clearfield Cluster.

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