Third Floor Attractions


Railroaders as American Heroes

Search our extensive database to see if your family members worked for the Pennsylvania Railroad (PRR), which counted 279,000 active employees at its height.


How to Run a Railroad

Watch model trains chug down the track as you learn how railroaders moved trains and communicated in the days before high-tech satellites.



Experience train travel of days gone by, from elegant stations and luxurious dining cars to the secret signs of hobos. See how Pennsy passenger cars brought travelers to America’s natural wonders and big cities.


Report to the Shareholders

Learn about the difference between the PRR’s public image and the private reality of its thousands of railroad workers, including union battles, pensions and on-the-job injuries.


The Standard Railroad of the World

Conduct some of the tests that helped the Pennsylvania Railroad set the pace for precision around the globe. From squeezing oranges to inspecting safety glasses to putting locomotives through their paces, the testing labs made railroading a science.


The End of an Era

Find out what roles victory walking sticks, security passes and Rosie the Riveter played for railroaders during World War II, before airplanes and interstate highways began nudging aside trains as America’s transportation of choice.


Special Events Room