Second Floor Attractions


A City Built by and for Railroaders

Wander from Dutch Hill to Little Italy, among the ethnic neighborhoods that Altoona’s railroaders called home.


In the Community

Track down the diverse interests that occupied railroaders outside the shop, from churches to secret societies to picnics at local amusement parks.


At Home

See how railroaders’ wives ran their home “shops” from their kitchen tables, struggling to bring order to a city of grime.


The Bar

Take the railroader trivia test, then listen to workers “hash” the day’s events and argue local politics.


Country Girl/City Girl

Find out the difference as you cross the bridge high above the rail yard.


Motive Power Division

Explore the shops where the locomotives that moved the Pennsy’s trains were designed and built to exacting standards – from casting 80-inch drive wheels to choosing the color of trim paint.


Maintenance Division

Learn about the gangs, gandy dancers and others who built and maintained 26,000 miles of track, tunnels and stations, and the wreck crews who dealt with disaster.


Transportation Division

Test your skills at fast-paced track switching for just a few of the 5,000 trains the Pennsy ran each day, and find out why the brakeman had the most dangerous job on the railroad.