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A Unique Venue for Your Next Event

Looking for a unique venue for your next event?  The Railroaders Museum and Horseshoe Curve offer great spaces at an affordable price.


Entire Horseshoe Curve:
Rental of the entire Horseshoe Curve facility includes use of the museum building, courtyard, funicular and top of the Curve.

The Curve can accommodate up to 150 people for a courtyard reception and 50 people for an event in the museum building.

Accommodates: 50  – 150 guests
Non-Profit Rate: $600
Business/Individual Rate: $800

The Horseshoe Curve Visitors Center:
The Horseshoe Curve Visitors Center holds up to 75 people indoors for standing receptions, with outdoor seating for 150 and nearly unlimited standing reception space in the courtyard.

The Horseshoe Curve also contains a picnic pavilion with 10 picnic tables.

Accommodates: 75 – 150 guests
Non-Profit Rate: $350
Business/Individual Rate: $400


First Floor Lobby:
Located on the first floor of the Museum, the lobby area can accommodate up to 100 guests. 55 people for buffet meals and 75-100 people for a standing reception.

Accommodates: 55 – 100 guests
Non-Profit Rate: $325
Business/Individual Rate: $375

Norfolk Southern Theatre Only:
With seating for 63 people, VHS and DVD availability, computer LCD and slide projection, and a PA system, the Theatre is the best room for business presentations.

Accommodates: 63 guests
Non-Profit Rate: $275
Business/Individual Rate: $300

Lobby/Theater Combo:
Our Lobby/Theater Combo includes rental of both the First Floor Lobby and Norfolk Southern Theatre.

Non-Profit Rate: $425
Business/Individual Rate: $475

Lobby/Kelly’s Bar Combo:
Our Kelly’s Bar Combo includes rental of both the First Floor Lobby and use of Kelly’s Bar.

Non-Profit Rate: $450
Business/Individual Rate: $500

Entire Museum (Master Mechanics Building):
Rental of the Master Mechanics building includes use of all 3 floors, restroom facilities, and theatre. The museum offers the use of any available tables and chairs we have at no extra charge.

The Master Mechanics building can accommodate up to 200 people for a standing reception and 50 for a formal sit down event.

Accomodates: 50 – 200 guests
Non-Profit Rate: $750
Business/Individual Rate: $850

Museum Yard:
The yard includes the outside space (all area to the front of the stage) and use of the stage if desired.  No inside facilities are available for use so the renter is responsible for providing bathroom facilities for their guests.

Non-Profit Rate: $650
Business/Individual Rate: $800