Location and Directions

It’s easy to visit both the Railroaders Memorial Museum and the Horseshoe Curve National Historic Landmark in the same day – they’re just a 6-mile drive apart.

To Horseshoe Curve from Railroaders Memorial Museum

  1. From Museum parking lot, turn right and travel two-tenths of a mile to 17th Street.
  2. Turn right onto 17th Street, travel one block, and turn left onto Margaret Avenue.
  3. Travel two-tenths of a mile, and Margaret flows into Broad Avenue.
  4. Travel Broad Avenue for 1.6 miles, and turn right onto 40th Street.
  5. Follow “Heritage Route” and Horseshoe Curve signs 3.6 miles to the Curve.

To Railroaders Memorial Museum from Horseshoe Curve

  1. From the Horseshoe Curve lot, turn left onto Burgoon/Kittanning Point Road and travel 3.6 miles to Beale Avenue.
  2. Turn left onto Beale, and travel six-tenths of a mile to signal light. Turn left at light and continue on Beale for one mile, as Beale flows into Route 36 (Union Avenue).Travel Route 36 thre-tenths of a mile to Margaret Avenue.
  3. Turn right onto Margaret, and travel two-tenths of a mile to 17th Street.
  4. Turn right onto 17th, drive one block, and turn left onto Ninth Avenue. Travel Ninth Avenue two-tenths of a mile to the Railroaders Memorial Museum.

Using a GPS

We apologize for any confusion caused by the inability of many GPS and mobile apps to find the Horseshoe Curve by its address: 2400 Veterans Memorial Highway, Altoona PA 16601.  It does function properly on some, but not all systems.

The best way to find us is to use this address: 1500 Glenn White Road, Altoona PA 16602.